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Attendees of the Merger Integration Certification Workshop are granted a free one-year subscription to all the M&A integration playbooks, tools, templates, videos, presentations, methodologies, assessments, handbooks, and articles on MergerIntegration.com.

PRITCHETT has populated the site with the best deliverables from a wide range of 35 years of merger integration consulting engagements.

Full access to MergerIntegration.com (normally priced at $12,995) will:

  • Save you countless hours that you might have otherwise spent developing PowerPoint presentations and reports on your own
  • Help you refine your approach by reviewing other acquirers' playbooks
  • Show you how to create critical integration deliverables
  • Help you apply what you learned in the workshop
  • Augment and further illustrate PRITCHETT's proven methodology

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Tools and Templates





Tools included in our eMerger Software:

Communication Major Events Timeline
Comparative Analysis Review Agenda
Comprehensive Plan Presentation Agenda
Comprehensive Plan Presentation Notification
Confidentiality Guidelines and Suggestions
Contact Sheet for Integration Team and Task Forces
Core Message Document
Corporate Strategy Analysis
Criteria for Selecting Integration Team and Task Force Members
Decisions Required Tracking Document
Financial Impact Analysis
Goals Worksheet
Implementation Plan
Integration Methodology Presentation
Integration Planning Budget
Integration Project Team Structure
Integration Strategy Definition for Integration Team
Integration Strategy Definition for Task Forces
Integration Strategy Worksheet
Integration Team High Level Integration Plan
Kickoff Agenda for Task Forces
Kickoff Agenda for the Integration Team
Kickoff Notification for Task Forces
Kickoff Notification for the Integration Team
Kickoff Presentation for the Integration Team
Lessons Learned Report
Major Milestones
New Word Glossary Form
Organizational Structure and Asset Review
Overview of Merger and Acquisition Concepts and Terminology
Press Release Outline
Priority Initiatives
Roles, Responsibilities and Governance Matrix
Task Force Detailed Project Plan
Task Force High-Level Initiatives Worksheet
Task Force Integration Checklist
Task Force Matrix
Announcement Presentation to Acquiring Company Employees
Announcement Presentation to Employees of the Acquired Company
Anticipating Questions
Charter for Communication Announcement Team
Charter for Communication Task Force
Common Communication Mistakes
Communicating Confidentiality Guidelines and Suggestions
Communications Matrix for Announcement
Core Message Data
Core Message Document
Customer Letter
Decisions Required Tracking Document
Development Plan for Announcement Communications
Employee Communication Effectiveness Survey
Employee Letter/Email
Evaluating Communications Effectiveness
Event Evaluation Form
Guidelines for Communicating with Employees
Impact of the Merger Survey
Key Points to Share with the Communications Announcement Team at Kickoff
Kickoff Agenda for the Communications Announcement Team
Kickoff Presentation for the Communications Announcement Team
Leader's Guide
Lessons Learned Report
Meeting Logistics
Newsletter Updates
Ongoing Communications Development Plan
Ongoing Communications Matrix
Press Release
Roles and Responsibilities During Integration
Selecting Communications Announcement Team Members
Selecting Skilled Messengers
Skilled Messenger Issues Log
Skilled Messenger Program Kickoff Materials
Skilled Messenger Program
Task Force Weekly Status
Time Schedule for Announcement Communications
Time Schedule for Ongoing Communications
case studies

Case Studies

Charter creation, risk analysis, and priority identification exercises for IMO, human resources, information technology, and product development integration teams


The X Factor in Mergers and Acquisitions

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