Agenda of Presentation

  • Integration Planning Lessons Learned
  • Timing
  • Commissioning of Projects in Advance of Close
  • Deliverables
  • Governance
  • Team Structure
  • Project/Resource Prioritization 

Integration Planning Lessons Learned

Organize cross-functionally

  • Teams typically need to be reorganized around emerging cross-functional, process-based initiatives (projects) and often extended to include all functions that impact a particular area
  • Align sponsorship of teams with the emerging organization wherever possible

Manage to milestones supported by detail

  • Don’t waste time trying to manage a globally integrated, comprehensive MS Project™ plan
  • Use disciplined project management tools (e.g. Microsoft Project™) at the major initiative level or integration project level
  • Centrally manage across teams to milestones and key measures

Understand/Validate dependencies

  • Facilitate joint team meetings to identify and address dependencies
  • Ensure tight coordination between transitions and customer support organizations
  • Clearly identify ultimate owners as the organization evolves

Allow for Flexibility

  • Teams will need to have varying levels of project management discipline depending on the nature of the integration projects in their areas

Commissioning Projects in Advance of Close


  • Commissioning work in advance of close to prepare for integration (staging work) can be coordinated between firms.
  • Decisions to invest in staging work are made independently by the existing organizations, recognizing that they are still separate companies.
  • The IMO should be made aware of all staging work being undertaken for purposes of coordination with integration planning efforts...

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