HR Acquisition Integration Checklist

Post Merger Integration HR Checklist of 111 Human Resources integration tasks  grouped into the following categories: Benefits, Day 1, Talent Assessment, Performance Management, HR Orientation, Career Development, Onboarding, Retention, Reduction In Force, and New Hire Plan.


  • Schedule a meeting with key stakeholders to construct Day 1 benefits rollover for all target employees
  • Schedule a meeting with key stakeholders to understand 401k vesting
  • Review any administrative service agreements (or other agreements with benefit plan administrators) with respect to any benefit plans
  • Obtain a description of all severance policies (including any written materials describing such policies)
  • Obtain a description and itemized schedule of all non-salary “perks” offered to officers and employees
  • Obtain copies of all agreements relating to “rabbi trusts” or other arrangements securing in any way the payment of deferred compensation, severance, or other payments to employees or directors
  • Obtain copies of the most recent report regarding post-retirement liabilities prepared in accordance with FASB plus a schedule of life and/or health benefits for retired employees or dependents indicating whether liability for those benefits has been determined, whether and how these benefits have been funded, and the number of retirees receiving benefits
  • Schedule meeting with Legal to review issues discovered in review of target company payroll and benefits ...

Day 1 & 2 of Integration

  • Prepare onboarding documentation for Day 1
  • Construct a Peer-to-Peer Matrix for communication
  • Construct an interim hiring process
  • Prepare the Benefits Overview (1 hour) automatic enrollment
  • Send New Hire Packets to target site for Day 1
  • Prepare & send Acquirer 101 info pack
  • Prepare and review Comp Plan Day 1 presentation strategy
  • Identify key HR team to be present at Day 1 for successful onboarding
  • Establish Webinar of Onboarding/Benefits
  • Prepare FAQ sheet and medium(s) for distribution/access
  • Construct content to release on target website on Day 1 
  • Construct a budget for Day 1 (flights, brochures, hotel, general expenses for all)
  • Identify key HR stakeholders at target with whom to share Day-1 preparations...

Download file to see complete checklist.

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