Who should be blamed when an acquisition wipes out hundreds of millions of dollars of market cap?

The most frequently cited villain is “cultural incompatibility.”

In this webinar, Joe Aberger explains that “while culture incompatibility is a plausible suspect for merger failures, it should not automatically be the primary one.” Too often, it takes most of the blame while the real culprit gets off scot-free.



The webinar reveals:

  • Who the real #1 M&A killer is 
  • Why culture incompatibility makes a good scapegoat 
  • What failed marriages have in common with failed mergers 
  • How cultural diversity can be an asset, not a liability 
  • What successful deal makers do when major integration problems are anticipated 
  • How high premiums increase the likelihood of large shareholder losses
  • Why most companies do not hire outside consultants to conduct cultural due diligence