1) What are the basic roles/responsibilities associated with programs and projects?

Accountable Executive(s)

  • Provide executive guidance for each program based on overall integration objectives and long-term goals
  • Serve as a point of escalation in resolving conflicts related to resources, direction, and priorities
  • Encourage and reward teamwork, progress, and results

Program Managers

  • Coordinate and guide planning and project management activities across all projects executed within a program/team
  • Manage dependencies and linkages among projects/sub teams
  • Frame issues for resolution by Accountable Executive(s)
  • Ensure coordination between programs
  • Capture and incorporate changes to synergy templates implied by plans

Project/Sub Team Leads

  • Drive the creation of effective and logical project plans for their project through Project/Sub Team meetings and working sessions
  • Enlist resources/additional sub team members to plan and execute work
  • Develop and manage project scope and budget (with support of Project Managers)
  • Report overall status to the Accountable Executive(s), Program Manager, and IMO
  • Escalate issues to the Accountable Executive(s), IMO, and Steering Committee as needed

Project Managers

  • Employ project management discipline and tools to the projects/sub teams
  • Support the Project/Sub Team leaders in managing budget and scope and reporting progress

2) What are the deliverables for M&A integration detailed planning...

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Key Questions
Key Questions
1) What are the basic roles/responsibilities?
1) What are the basic roles/responsibilities for projects?
What are the Deliverables For Detailed Planning?
2) What are the deliverables for detailed planning?
How does work get commissioned that needs to start now?
3) How does work get commissioned that needs to start now?