Announcement Letter (or Email) to Customers

We have announced exciting news: Acquirer and Acquired Co. have completed the transaction to merge our operations.

This is a game-changing combination which will provide us with the scale, geographic reach, and capabilities to solidify our position as a leading provider of materials in our industry. Going forward, you will receive even more value from our products:

  • We will have a greater portfolio of quality products and a family of brands as well as increased capabilities to innovate superior products and systems that are stronger and more efficient to manufacture, transport, and install.
  • We will tap into Acquired Co.’s industry-leading technology and R&D and achieve more innovations in manufacturing technology, products, and systems.
  • We will have greater reach and capacity to meet customer requirements within each geography by leveraging our combined manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation networks.
  • We will provide superior service as we utilize our technical and commercial expertise to ...