Post Acquisition Review Questions Centered on Broad “Newco” Topics

  • Do you think we are successfully executing on the new vision and values?
  • Are the structure and cost recommendations for your area right? What work remains to  get the new Acquirer organization optimized?
  • Have we done a good job of choosing the “right way” where it made the most sense?
  • Where do we still have challenges and opportunities?


  • All original Team Leads and SC members were interviewed
  • Questions were sent in advance so people could prepare
  • Answers were aggregated and kept anonymous
  • Output was organized by topic into recap slides for each question

Common Themes

Everyone still very positive, and very complimentary of the IMO process and SC  leadership to date

  • There is still much work to do on delivering on “simplicity” but think overall we are driving the new vision home
  • Anxious about work involved with divestitures
  • Integration pace was brisk but helped people stay on task
  • Corporate functions at capacity
  • Good so far but ability to pull off systems conversions and continued process optimization will determine ultimate integration success
  • Differences between the 2 organizations are becoming more clear (e.g. decision making  styles)
  • People realize there’s “more work to do than we’ve done” and are challenging non-  essential work given bandwidth concerns and resource limitations
  • Positives in terms of what we have accomplished outweigh the negatives
  • People see a lot of change and are wondering if we need more formal change  management programs
  • Leads want to see this output and understand SC’s reaction and next steps

Going Well and Not Going Well per Responses to Each Question ... 

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