Acquirers usually manage communications poorer than anything else during their integrations. Unfortunately, communication problems never just stay communication problems. They become employee morale and productivity issues.

Avoid these fifteen most common communication mistakes.


1. Shaving the truth

Protect your credibility by "telling it like it is," no matter how painful "it" may be.

2. Failing to address the “me issues”

When employees become preoccupied about what might personally happen to them, they focus less on their work. Take care of their "me" issues in a hurry.

3. Not telling your troops there will be some course-corrections

An integration unfolds like a fast-moving, changing story. Help people understand the volatility of the situation.

4. Hoarding information and answers

If you withhold information from people, they may eventually figure it out and withhold information from you.

5. Dodging the tough issues

Don’t expect to get through the integration process without having to make some difficult decisions.

6. Making promises beyond what you control

Making a commitment you are unable to keep is like playing with live ammunition. It can blow up in your face and make you appear untrustworthy.

7. Sugarcoating the deal ...


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