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While many consulting firms say they have expertise in post-merger integration and divestitures, our website shows that we actually doWe have populated with playbooks, tools, videos, checklists, assessments, presentations, and deliverables from hundreds of our M&A integration and carve-out consulting projects (on deals valued in total in excess of $350 billion). Our long client list includes organizations from practically every industry. 

The five key areas PRITCHETT is truly different than other post-merger integration consulting firms 

Invariably, companies spend a great deal of money in swinging the deal. For example, there are investment bankers to pay, lawyers’ fees, expenses incurred in public relations activities, and so on. But after the papers have been signed, companies frequently quit spending money on expert help, relying instead on incumbent managers who have not been trained for and lack experience in the complicated management task of M&A integration. Often, more money is spent changing the company stationery and putting up new signs out front than is invested in bringing state-of-the-art integration expertise to the merger.

PRITCHETT brings deep know-how to our clients in all integration areas from initial planning to the wrap-up stage of implementation:

Post-Merger Integration Planning

PRITCHETT mobilizes integration teams and helps them create plans for M&A and divestitures that are clear, logical, and achievable. 

Click on the images to view the articles and other documents authored by our consultants. 

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Day 1 Planning and Execution 

Our consultants can help you develop an air-tight Day 1 Game Plan that will build trust and instill confidence. We make sure you come off the line fast and execute the all-important “opening moves.” A well-executed Day 1 buys goodwill with employees and customers. It also reassures analysts and quiets the skeptics.

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Post-Merger Communication Planning

Mergers create an insatiable demand for more information. Our senior advisors can save you hundreds of hours of time by providing communication solutions that are field tested under difficult M&A conditions. Our communication tools and techniques help keep people focused, productive, and engaged.

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M&A Staffing, Transition, and Retention Planning

Deciding how to staff the combined organization is the most delicate task in M&A integration. There's almost always a need to eliminate redundancies and identify and retain people who are needed transitionally, but not indefinitely. PRITCHETT advisors help you develop a staffing process that is fair, fast, and appropriate for your deal. 

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Post-Merger Culture Integration

We help acquirers develop and execute a plan to identify and reconcile the most meaningful cultural differences. All too often, management adopts a passive approach and never seriously addresses cultural integration. Several things may account for this:

  • Managers have no methodology on how to create a cultural integration plan
  • They lack insight into the cultural differences between the two firms
  • They become preoccupied with short-term concerns

The reality of the situation, however, is that success of a merger is often a function of how well the two firms’ cultures are integrated.

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M&A Integration Playbook Development

Every integration is different, but all successful, efficient ones require processes for governance, scope definition, planning, scheduling, issue management, risk management, and reporting. Many acquirers let these M&A processes evolve over time with patches made here and there. As experience is gained, tools and techniques are often missed or not captured and properly documented.

PRITCHETT can help you build a flexible, scalable M&A integration playbook tailored to your needs. Whatever the particular soft spots in your approach, we can address them as we improve and document your methodology.

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Post-Merger Integration Implementation

We offer advice and counsel, flanker support, and a structured, disciplined approach to integration implementation. In particular, we know how to handle the defining moments, those make-or-break times when your strategy is most at risk. Our job is to protect the integration plan, front to back.

PRITCHETT knows what to expect and how you should respond. We help you maintain momentum and keep your integration on track. This is no cakewalk. It calls for well-conceived, carefully timed moves, and they must be carried out decisively. We know the drill.

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Lessons Learned

Our consultants systematically debrief teams to capture lessons learned about the integration process. PRITCHETT helps ensure the know-how gained from an acquirer's experience is not lost. We document the hard-won wisdom. 

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