Minimizing Employee Losses
People Integration Strategy                                                   

Timing of Retention Phases                                                  

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3

Retention Process

  • Retention Matrix
  • Understand Employee’s Motivators
  • Develop and Execute an Action Plan to Address Motivators
  • Sign Up and Train Key Recruiters Early

Candidate Assessment Process

  • Initial Staffing Plans Approved
  • Choose Appropriate Retention Actions
  • Employee Knowledge and Interests
  • Applicability of Retention Actions
  • Appropriateness of Retention Action

Transitioning Employees into Acquiring Company
Plan for Exiting Employees
Employee Retention Tools

  • Retention Worksheet-Individuals
  • Retention Worksheet-Groups
  • Retention Matrix
  • Action Checklist
  • Innovative Retention Actions