During the post merger IT integration process, accomplish the following tasks before the kick-off meetings:

  • Identify executive sponsor, presuming that would be CFO. 
  • Identify business project leader, person from the business with extensive knowledge of the current operations who will have significant time (50%) to dedicate to the project  
  • Identify IT project manager  
  • Identify other business and IT resources
  • Conduct an initial IT discovery session – including a site tour and general process discussions 
  • Conduct some type of IT discovery session for Corporate 
  • Business PM and IT PM would work to end of June
  • Prepare blueprint plan, schedule, and activities for process walk-through/requirements sessions
  • Develop initial objectives, scope in/out, issues, risks
  • Socialize and get buy-in from executive sponsors
  • Create project chartering documents

At the Kickoff Meeting:

  • Present organization, objectives, scope, etc.
  • Present blueprint schedule and activities
  • Receive authorization to proceed with blueprint activities

Next Steps

1) Blueprint Explore/Design

  • Process reviews
  • Gap identification
  • Solution alternatives
  • Design recommendation

Decision: Design Review & Authorization to Develop

2) Build/Realization

  • Bus proc alignment
  • Training mtrls. developed
  • Software Develop.
  • Test / test / test / test

Decision: Startup Go/No-Go Checkpoint

3) Final Prep/Go-Live

  • Training
  • Go-Live activities...


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