• Success Metrics Should Be 
  • Sales and Costs
  • Retention and Company Image
  • Internal Communications and Training

Success Metrics Should Be…

  • Relevant to key M&A issues and goals
  • Simple to gather, compile, analyze and report
  • Easy to understood
  • Taken from existing measuring processes whenever possible
  • Sustained until the integration efforts are completed and results are satisfactory
  • Balanced between integration measures and operational measures.

M&A Integration Sales and Costs Success Metrics

  1. Sales

    • Area Measurement: Joint Sales and Referral Sales
    • Purpose: To identify the number of joint sales and referral sales generated
    • Methodology: A short (10 min.) verbal or written questionnaire given to new customers on the reasons they chose the company past and future transactions, Reports sent to Merger Team.
    • Key Information Obtained: Number of joint and referral sales for products or services, Number of new customers or clients due to the merger
    • Potential Source for Questionnaires given by: Sales or Account Managers, Consultants and Data from Integration teams on sales
    • Frequency for Questionnaire: As occurs and for Reports and Data: Monthly
  2. Costs

    • Area Measurement: Operating cost savings
    • Purpose: To identify the cost savings achieved through joint operations
    • Methodology: Tracking and roll-up of all cost savings (geographic and functional)
    • Cost savings in: labor, overhead, other costs (e.g. marketing)
    • Potential Source: All Task Forces
    • Frequency for Report: Monthly ...

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