A High-Quality Merger & Acquisition Integration Plan

Clear language

  • Understandable by audiences that extend beyond the plan creator
  • Action/execution oriented (project steps that are descriptive and start with verbs)

Single owner

  • One point of accountability makes it clear who is coordinating the effort and calling the shots
  • Single owner does not imply there is one person who is doing all the work

Parallel level of task detail

  • Every task does not need to be included in the plan as a step
  • Major steps are specific enough to allow the owner to understand what is expected, but not so detailed as to include every task necessary to accomplish the work
  • If necessary to add clarity, major steps should be broken down further into substeps

Included in Program Charter

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Charter Statement/Link to high-level plan
3.0 Success Factors
4.0 Program Scope
5.0 Projects
6.0 Program Roles
7.0 Risks and Mitigation
8.0 Contingency Plan
9.0 Working Assumptions
10.0 Communications
11.0 Customer Impacts
12.0 Program Cost
13.0 Approvals

Included in Project Definition Document

1.0 Introduction...

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