60 HR Due Diligence Tasks

  • HR staffing and its responsibilities
  • HR reporting relationships
  • Significant layoffs or closings in the past, progress or being contemplated
  • Employees permitted and/or encouraged to work full or part time at home
  • Executive search firms utilized. The firms and fees paid. Searches in progress
  • Business’s pay scales or rates and benefit costs relative to competitors
  • Status of litigation or potential litigation
  • Plans, either contemplated or in progress, to modify or cancel any benefit programs for existing or retired employees 
  • Compensation and benefit plans compared to Acquirer's
  • Summary of any benefit and compensation plans and/or agreements that may cease if there is a change in control or ownership of the business
  • Benefits and the funding source for any terminated or retired employees, such as salary continuation, health and life insurance, club memberships, recreational facilities, transportation, etc. ...

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