Two letters, one from the CEO and and the other from the Integration Manager, emailed to team leaders that provide information on the role of team leaders, the hierarchy of teams, the mission, team guidelines, synergy targets, scope of the integration, meeting schedule, and team launch meeting.


Invitation to Functional Team Leaders  

TO: Functional Team Leaders

FROM: Jim Davis

Congratulations! You’ve been selected by our Steering Committee to participate as a Functional Team Leader on an Integration Team being formed to help Acquirer and Acquiree join forces. As you are probably aware, the deal has not yet closed, but in anticipation of a positive outcome, we are forming an Integration Team to begin integration planning so that once the deal is approved, we can begin implementation of our plans immediately. 

In the role of Functional Team Leader, you will serve on a cross-functional, cross-company integration team and also lead a smaller team of cross-company peers from within your functional area. Your leadership role will require you to manage both the business-related issues of integration and the human-related issues of transition for your functional area. Your responsibilities will include but not limited to things such as:

  • Planning the integration requirements for your functional area
  • Determining the Exit Criteria for your functional area (Exit Criteria are the things that must be accomplished to declare “integration complete” in your functional area)
  • Planning the implementation steps for your functional area
  • Tracking the expenses for your functional area
  • Assessing where “white space” may exist between your functional area and other functional areas and determining who you must work with to address any “white space” issues (often value resides between functions and requires cross-functional coordination in order to extract it)
  • Identifying the key processes in your functional area and determining where education, training, or process redesign may be necessary to ensure positive operating results

Don’t be concerned if you’ve never been a Functional Team Leader on an Integration Team before ...