Finance Work Stream Charter


  • Develop Optimal Function / Department Organizational Structure
  • Execute Seamlessly on Day 1
  • Migrate Finance Systems
  • Tax Management
  • Budgeting / Forecasting / Planning


  • Completed organizational chart with appropriate names, titles, & locations
  • Org charts from both Acquirer & Acquired Co., interviews, census
  • Business unit transactional level – cash collection / billing, pay vendors and EE
  • GL, AP, AR, HR, Payroll, Treasury, FP&A
  • Systems and processes in place to effectively close the books on a monthly and annual basis, including reporting obligations
  • Assumption: Owned by IT, however, heavily relies on accounting and finance support and involvement
  • Determine most efficient integration of IT systems to deliver optimal performance in key areas including: Efficiency, management reporting, etc.
  • Review of full BU level transaction processing, financial systems, ERP, etc
  • Federal/State income tax reporting
  • Property tax reporting
  • Sales & use tax reporting
  • Planning & Forecasting
  • Other tax related matters
  • Systems, procedures, guidelines in place to effectively manage the business and plan appropriately for the future

Information Technology Work Stream Charter

Key Objectives

  • Define Organizational Structure and IT Integration Plan
  • Strategy
  • Prepare For Seamless Day 1
  • Business ERP Consolidations
  • In Flight Project Review
  • Cybersecurity


  • Evaluate talent pool and determine retention strategy for key personnel
  • Assess, determine and communicate revised organizational structure
  • Ascertain if infrastructure support is paired with ERP support
  • Define expected resources (internal/external), set expectation for execution
  • Complete full infrastructure review (Hardware and Software Resources)
  • Complete contractual obligation review
  • Develop short-term strategy (Yr 1-2 strategy)
  • Layout future infrastructure platform
  • Plan divisional ERP moves with target dates
  • Develop mid/longer strategy
  • Where appropriate, consolidate IT support services
  • Plan for ‘all hands on deck’ strategy ensuring network, database and voice system stability
  • Clearly define and communicate Help Desk contact strategy and measurable internal SLAs
  • Maintain IT purchasing and vendor continuity
  • Go live with combined Acquirer / Acquired Co. directory
  • Begin execution of divisional ERP reassignments
  • Evaluate spending and time constraints
  • Review current open projects, evaluate go / no go
  • Assess Acquired Co. cyber security status
  • Define plan to reach One Acquirer cyber security maturity level of 2.5 – 3.0...

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