First Page of 3-Page Merger Integration Update

From: CEO
To: Employees

It’s now been three months since we combined our companies. I’d like to explain what integration challenges lie ahead and how you can continue to help.

First, I thank you all for your cooperation and hard work. Integrating two companies is tough and I recognize that many of you have put in a lot of additional effort to help the two companies begin operating as one. I thank everyone for their patience. During a transition there are always more questions than answers, and I appreciate your ability to stay focused and productive in spite of the inevitable ambiguity and uncertainty that mergers always bring.

We still have a way to go. I’m aware of the differences in the management styles of the two companies and am committed to improving our cultural integration effort. I’m also aware of our failure to communicate as often as people would like. I hope this update is a demonstration of my commitment to improve in that area as well.

There are still some areas of the business that lack absolute clarity. I know that may be somewhat difficult for you to understand. Let me assure you that I have not failed to make decisions because of lack of concern or avoidance of issues. The truth is, there are many tough choices to make. They have the potential to impact our customers and operating results. Therefore, I have consciously delayed some decisions so we do not impulsively make any moves that lower customer satisfaction. While that lack of clarity may cause some anxiety and confusion inside the organization, it serves the business and our customers best. And, it is my executive obligation to protect those interests first. Financial success and customer loyalty are, after all, what will best protect all of our jobs in the long term.

I’m hoping as we go forward that you’ll learn to appreciate my 100% dedication to our customers and the business, even if it sometimes puts additional strain and pressure on the organization. I’m hoping that you will give me the benefit of the doubt when you see decisions being made that do not appear on the surface to consider our internal organizational needs.

I can commit to you is that I will shape this organization to make it as fast, flexible, and dynamic as our customers need us to be and our marketplace demands. Together, we will protect our market share from the competition that constantly nips at our heels. And you’ll be offered challenging, rewarding work so that you can participate actively in the success of this company.

If you had asked me in July if I thought we would be successful in creating value by joining forces, I would have told you we had a 90% chance of succeeding. Today my ...