22-slide presentation that cover the results from a mergers & acquisitions employee survey.

On this M&A survey, there were:

  • 1216 Responses (76% Response Rate)
  •  248 Written Comments (20% Response Rate)

Each employee was asked to rate statements from 1 to 5:

  1. I understand the reason for the merger.
  2. I think the merger will be good for the business.
  3. I have a good understanding of the company's goals and direction.
  4. I know how the company is performing.
  5. I know the performance standards and goals for my job.
  6. I understand what is necessary to achieve excellence.
  7. My supervisor is aware of my work and gives me appropriate  feedback.
  8. I have been kept up-to-date about what is going on in the company and received useful information during the transition.
  9. Senior management is making good decisions.
  10. Acquirer individuals and Target individuals are working together as a team.
  11. Management listens to employee issues and concerns.
  12. My work assignments are interesting.
  13. Clear goals have been established for my team.
  14. I understand how my individual goals help meet company goals.
  15. My ideas are valued.
  16. I understand my pay and benefits.
  17. I think my pay and benefits are fair.
  18. My supervisor confronts issues when appropriate.
  19. I understand my developmental and promotional opportunities.
  20. I feel I am part of a team and understand my role.
  21. I enjoy my job and plan to continue working here.

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