Acquisition Integration Accounting Checklist cover over 110 integration tasks for synergy tracking, cash management, accounting policy variances, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

Synergy Tracking
Determine synergy tracking approach.  Decide on system and method.
Identify team members and responsibilities.
Create detailed implementation plans
Create synergy tracking model templates
Develop ongoing status reporting format and timing
Monitor and report synergy results
Establish budget linkage process
Adjust budget by synergy values
Additional Set of Books
Obtain a copy Firm B's chart of accounts (COA)
     - Modify Firm A COA to incorporate Firm B COA values
Set up mirror entities in OFA
Create ledgers for each of the Firm B's subsidiaries.  This will be done at a corporate SOB level (held locally and submitted to consolidate). We'll need to map the Firm B's ledger to the Firm A's SCOA.
  - Determine if these should be set up  via local sets of books or company codes on the corp. ledger    
Create roll-ups for the new company codes to have separate roll-ups for Firm B's entities, Firm A's historical and total company
Cash Management
Examine whether cash on hand has historically met seasonal needs of the Target
Cash requirements - any potential excess cash above regulatory requirements and/or marketing/operating considerations
Identify number and type of new accounts that need to be opened at Firm A's banks
    -  Assess the number of new accounts that need to be opened
    -  Determine type of accounts to open
    -  Determine which accounts Firm B can write checks on ...


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