10 Key HR Activities in Mergers & Acquisitions

  1. Develop Workforce Integration Project Plan
  2. Conduct HR Due Diligence Review
  3. Compare Benefits and Analyze Differences
  4. Compare Compensation Analyze Differences
  5. Develop Compensation and Benefits Strategy for Workforce Integration
  6. Determine Leadership Assignments
  7. Addressed Duplicate Functions
  8. Prepare Employee Communication Strategy
  9. Define Transition Data Requirements
  10. Develop Employee Retention Strategy

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HR Issues and Activities in Mergers and Acquisitions

1) Develop workforce integration project plan.

2) Conduct HR due diligence review.

3) Compare benefits and analyze differences.

4) Compare compensation and analyze differences.

5) Develop compensation and benefits strategy for workforce integration.

6) Determine leadership assignments.

7) Address duplicate functions.

8) Prepare employee communication strategy.

9. Define transition data requirements.

10. Develop employee retention strategy.