1) Understand the journey

  • Psychological shockwaves
  • Three phases of transition
  • Staggered experiences

2) Manage expectations…yours and theirs

  • Be realistic about the challenge
  • Delegate to your direct reports
  • Discuss the demands of transition with your family and friends

3) Learn to survive in no-man’s land

  • You won’t fit well in either the present or the future
  • The old way won’t feel right, but the new way won’t work yet
  • Find ways to stay connected

4) Act like a consultant

  • Get on the balcony to look at issues
  • Don’t take positions; discuss interests

5) Adopt and go

  • Understand how you do it and how they do it
  • Don’t waste time arguing about whose way is the best way
  • Pick a way that will be least disruptive… and go!

6) Don't roll over and play dead...

Slide titles:

Understand the journey

Manage expectations... yours and theirs

Learn to survive in no-man's land

Act like a consultant

Adopt and go

Don't roll over and play dead

Add positive energy to the process

Consider the experience a "learning laboratory"

Protect confidentiality

Respect each other and the process

Guidelines for Effective Transition Teams