1. Protect confidentiality

    • You’ve heard it before…but it’s worth repeating
    • Don’t leave confidential documents in meeting rooms, on copiers, or open on your desk
    • Be extremely careful about forwarding emails
  2. Don’t roll over and play dead

    • Your ideas matter
    • Surface genuinely important differentiators
    • Pick your battles carefully
  3. Add positive energy to the process

    • Transition is all about energy management
    • When your energy is depleted, you’re responsible for replenishing it
    • Without energy, the transition process grinds to a halt
  4. Respect each other and the process

    • Realize that there are different “realities” and respect the differences in perspectives
    • Focus on the problem, not the person
    • Respect the fact that this opportunity is greater than any one individual’s needs

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