Excerpt from Finance Slide

Issues and Risks

Mitigation Steps


Key employees not retained throughout long transition  period

Retention bonus plan

Awaiting HR approval

Financial, reporting and log settlement system  consolidation does not occur in time to capture  synergies

Hire external IT resources and finance  resources to develop, test & implement

Awaiting detailed IT  project plan

Organization consolidation does not occur in time to  capture synergies


N/A, most synergies  are dependent on  system consolidation.  See system issue.

Combined budgeting, reporting and forecasting across  two financial systems not effective

Be prepared to address ineffectiveness  from a technical or accuracy standpoint  and ineffectiveness due to lack of  training or adoption of standard reports


Gap in insurance coverages


Add to workplan to  resolve

IT capacity and prioritization


Awaiting detailed IT  project plan

Internal control / SEC compliance failures during  transition

Retain key employees, continue Target  internal control monitoring


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