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This section features M&A communication plans, presentations, and playbooks for internal and external stakeholders that can be tailored to the particulars of a deal.

M&A communication documents to get ready specifically for Day 1 can be found at M&A Day 1.

During an M&A integration, employees and customers who are left out of the communications loop or receive mixed messages are more likely to feel marginalized and taken for granted. Unfortunately, in the throes of an integration, it is easy for communications to be de-prioritized and neglected. To help ensure all stakeholders receive frequent, accurate, timely information, communication plans should be developed with clear accountabilities regarding who is going to say what, to whom, and by when.

Plans should cover not just Day 1 and Week 1, but also the 180-day period after close. The flow of information needs to be continuous and specific to maintain a sense of continuity and reduce uncertainty. Stakeholders tend to react negatively to ambiguity. While acquirers can't immediately answer all questions, they can still explain their objectives and commit to answering questions at a specific pace and time.

Answers to Employee FAQs

Expect These M&A Questions
Expect These M&A Questions

The deal will create numerous questions in the minds of stakeholders. By anticipating their concerns in advance, you’ll be better prepared to address them. We have compiled lists from our M&A integration consulting projects of the most common questions asked by:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Vendors/Suppliers
  • Community
  • Media

Common Employee Questions

We refer to the first ten questions on the list as “me issues”  because they are focused on the most common personal concerns of employees. Until these “me issues” are resolved, people are …

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