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Step 1: Establish M&A Integration Guiding Principles

Successful Merger Integration
Burn Up The Road

What is the single best predictor of a successful merger integration. The answer may surprise you.
Engineer success in merger
Engineer Early Success in Your Merger

Quick-wins help soften resistance and build momentum.
Recruit your keepers
Move with Urgency to Re-recruit Your Keepers

Learn when key people most often jump ship in a merger and how to keep them on board.
power of opening moves
The Power of "Opening Moves"
How you begin the integration carries heavy influence over how you'll finish.
Seven secrets of merger
7 Secrets for a Kinder, Gentler Merger

Beware of integration do-gooders.

Step 2: Define M&A Integration Strategy and Governance

Fundamentals of successful merger
The Fundamentals of a Successful Merger Integration Strategy and Plan

Moving through the transition with speed, focus, and urgency.
Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice: The Politics of Merging Boards of Directors by Price Pritchett, Ph.D.

Three practices that position your new director group for merger success.
Yin and Yang of Merger Integration
The Yin and Yang of Merger Integration

Which is more important, project or people management?
Merger Motives
Merger Motives: The Logic Behind Every Acquisition
Companies merge for at least one of three reasons.
Plan early on how to capture synergies
Plan Early on How to Capture Synergies and Accelerate the Post-Merger Integration
Anticipate issues that could slow the realization of synergies.

Step 3: Provide M&A Integration Training

M&A research and statistics
M&A Research and Statistics for HR Executives in Acquired Companies

Talent retention, productivity, and psychological readiness in acquired organizations.
HR carry more clout
Why Doesn’t HR Carry More Clout in M&A?

Can HR overcome the Rodney Dangerfield problem?
Explain mergers and acquistions
How to Explain the Mergers & Acquisitions Process to Employees

Educate the workforce about the steps of a merger.
Why merger integration management training
Why Merger Integration Management Training?

Don't leave your managers in the dark.
Uncertainty dish for integration problems
Uncertainty: The Petri Dish for Integration Problems

Uncertainty triggers problems even before the integration begins.
Six guidelines on how leaders manage
What Should Managers Do Between Merger Announcement and Close?
Six guidelines on how leaders in acquired organizations can best manage the situation.
Change management for employees
Change Management for Employees in Mergers and Acquisitions
Guidelines on how to best adapt to changing circumstances.
Aboid basic mistakes that create job stress
Mistake #1: Expect Somebody Else to Reduce Your Stress
Avoid basic mistakes that create job stress.
Expect the deal-making
A 120-Year Perspective on M&A
If past is prologue, we should expect deal-making to come in waves throughout the 21st Century.
Good at change management
Good at Change Management? So What?
Speech delivered by HR Executive.
employee guide to corporate divestitures
The Employee Guide to Corporate Divestitures
How to best run your career in a divestiture.
top 10 things employees need
Human Resources: Top Ten Things Employees Need in the Acquired Organization
The integration will run smoother if these needs are met.
Bummed about the acquisition
Bummed About the Acquisition?
Hold back your judgment on it.
Acquired organization needs from employees
What an Acquired Organization Needs from Employees Prior to Close
Tips for employees in soon-to-be acquired companies.
Managers have to wing it
Merging? Cut Management Some Slack
In mergers, managers often have to wing it.
Psychological hit of merger integration
The Psychological Hit of Merger Integration
90% of managers are unprepared for M&A.
Embrace Uncertainty
Might as Well Embrace Uncertainty
You can't eliminate it.

Step 5: Develop M&A Integration Risk Mitigation Strategies

Most common complaint during merger integration
The Most Common Complaint During Merger Integration

It is the workforce's #1 gripe.
Top 10 distress signals in merger integration
Mayday! Mayday! The Top 10 Distress Signals in Merger Integration

How do you discern "normal" problems from dangerous signals?
Managers tend to overestimate their integration skills
How Good Are You—Really—at Merger Integration?

Managers tend to overestimate their integration skills.
Death valley of integrations
The Most Dangerous Phase of Merger Integration

It's the Death Valley of integrations.
Four approaches to merger integration that should be avoided
Four Common Approaches to Merger Integration That You Should Avoid
Colorful descriptions of dysfunctional processes.
Romancing the resisters
Dealing With Resistance to Change? Remember the "20-50-30 Rule."
Romancing the resisters holds little promise.
M&A Integration risks and challenges
Don't Get Cocky: M&A Integration Risks and Challenges
Ignore these M&A integration pitfalls at your own peril.
Integrations always get messeir when delayed
A Man Walks Into a Bar . . .
Integrations almost always get messier when delayed.

Step 6: Develop M&A Culture Integration Plans

corporate culture research
Corporate Culture Research: The "X Factor" in Merger Success and Failure
Over 130 executives participated in this PRITCHETT M&A study on culture due diligence.
Corporate Culture and M&A
The impact of M&A on culture and the challenge of culture change.

Step 7: Develop M&A Integration Communication Plans

Things you should never say in announcing a deal
5 Things You Should Never Say in Announcing the Deal

Just because a comment is well-intentioned doesn't mean that it works.
Example of HR email to troops 90 days
HR Executive Post-Merger Communication to Employees

Example of HR email to troops 90 days after close.
Communication crisis in corporate america
Noise: The Communication Crisis in Corporate America

What we have here is failure to communicate.
HR M&A communication employee meetings
HR M&A Communication Employee Meetings: Announcement, Day One, and Post-Close
Agendas and guidelines for conducting announcement, day one, and benefit meetings.
Why social media is so dangerous during merger
Why the New Social Media Is So Dangerous During Merger Integration
Communication problems never remain just communication problems.
Top 10 Reasons
Top Ten Reasons Why More Employee Communication Is Necessary When Merging Companies
Managers typically underestimate the communication effort required.
The bait and switch experience
"I Love You. You're Perfect. Now Change."
The bait and switch experience that acquired companies often complain about.
Merger lesson from nobel prize winner
Merger Lesson from a Nobel Prize-Winning Psychologist
Employees weigh losses twice as heavily as gains.
Sugar-coated merger announcements
Sugar-Coated Merger Announcements Leave a Sour Aftertaste
Come across as a real leader, not a breezy politician.
Post Acquisition customer survey
Post Acquisition: Customer Survey and Letter
They will probably appreciate the special attention.
Avoid productivity Drop-offs
How to Avoid Productivity Drop-Offs During a Merger
People operate with less intensity when priorities are fuzzy.

Step 8: Develop M&A Staffing and Retention Plans

Take care of me issues
Take Care of the "Me" Issues in a Hurry
Every employee looks at a merger from the standpoint of how he or she personally will be affected.
Powerful onboarding process
Build a Powerful Onboarding Process

A well-crafted onboarding program can be your best counteroffensive against troublesome merger dynamics. 
Retain key talent
How to Retain Key Talent in an Acquisition

Protect your investment.
Willing to be unfair in a merger
Be Willing to Be Unfair in a Merger

Not everyone should have an equal say.
Evaluate the acquired company's management
Why Not Evaluate the Acquired Company's Management on Corporate Profits?

Qualitative data may be more important than the numbers.
conduct necessary hr m&a due diligence
The Case for Leadership Due Diligence in M&A

Assess personnel to ensure proper casting in the new merged organization.
stay bonuses really work
Do "Stay Bonuses" Really Work?

You could be buying behavior you don’t want.
hard core truth
What's Next?: The Hard-Core Truth About How to Get Hired
Job search tips to help separated employees get their careers back on track.
ten common mistakes managers make
Ten Common Mistakes Managers Make During Job Status Notification
Notification warrants careful planning and handling.
HR processfor making staffing decisions
Mergers and Acquisitions: The HR Process for Making Staffing Decisions
A well-defined process is needed for making crucial personnel decisions.
HR approach to M&A turnover
The Right Human Resources Approach to M&A Turnover
A passive wait-and-see attitude is the wrong approach.
design the new organizational structure
Post Merger: How to Design the New Organizational Structure
Seven-step process that puts strategy first.
The comeback
The Comeback
Help laid-off employees re-launch their careers.
True turnover cost of ket employees
The "True" Turnover Cost of Key Employees in an Acquired Company
Determine the total potential costs from merger bailouts.
keep your A players in a merger
How to Keep Your "A Players" in a Merger: Six Guidelines
Reasons to avoid re-recruiting are understandable, but risky.

Step 9: Develop M&A Project Integration Plans

Top ten key considerations
When Big Guys Buy Small Fries

Top ten key considerations.
Tighten up the integration time frame
Tighten up the Integration Time Frame
Reveals the most common complaint of employees in a typical merger.

Step 10: Execute Detailed M&A Integration Plans (Incl. Day 1 Plans)

Acquisition integration requires bold strokes
Acquisition Integration Requires Bold Strokes

Acquisition integration calls for uncommon moves and a rejection of status quo management.
push through the yield point
Acquisition Integration: Push Through the Yield Point
Lose your resolve before passing through the yield point and it has all been wasted effort.
Fundamentals and common mistakes
Acquisition Integration Project Management: Fundamentals and Common Mistakes

The integration process, project structure, and challenges.
Post merger IT integration
Post-Merger IT Integration: Adopt and Go
Don't expect customers to be tolerant of post-merger problems.
Put dollar signs on M&A decisions
Put Dollar Signs on Your M&A Decisions

When evaluating alternatives, always consider the numbers.
Manage the turnover
Manage Employee Turnover: A Direct By-Product of an Acquisition Integration
Its a fact of life that, whether planned or not, there will be merger casualties.
Excellent opportunity to gain some of your market
Keep the Focus on Clients during Acquisition Integration
During the integration, the competition may have an excellent opportunity to gain some of your market share.

Step 11: Capture M&A Integration Lessons Learned

Document lessons learned
The Post Merger Integration Audit

Document the lessons learned
Identify the #1 Hot spot in Merger Integration
Can You Identify the #1 Hot Spot in Merger Integration?
Poor integration in this area can doom a deal.