Example of Merger Announcement

Details of the Deal

  • Alpha announced today (date) that we have agreed to merge with Zenith.
  • We expect this merger to close in late June following regulatory approval.

Zenith Company

  • History
  • Company was founded in 2001  by John Doe and Bob Smith
  • Company employs more than 2,200 service professionals
  • Vision/Mission
  • To be among the Top 5 in the industry and to provide clients with world-class business services

Context for the Merger

  • Expansion in the North American market
  • Global service offerings
  • Continuing world-class development

Together, we will be the second largest service provider in North America and the sixth largest in the world.

Leadership of Integrated Company

  • Bob Smith, CEO
  • Pat Jones, President
  • Todd Johnson, Senior Vice President of Business Development
  • Jennifer Davis, CFO

Merger Timeline

  • SEC papers will be filed tomorrow
  • Average 10-12 weeks for approval
  • Regulations limit the amount of communication between the organizations until the deal closes
  • Once the deal closes integration will begin

Integration Planning

  • Integration teams will be formed with representation from both companies
  • Teams will be established to focus on integrating the major functional areas – operations, sales, finance, human resources, IT, communications, and service development ...

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