Post-Merger Integration Jobs - Employment/Contract Opportunities

PRITCHETT, LP has consulted on integrations on deals valued in total of over $350 billion.  We are growing and looking to hire both contract and employee consultants to assist our clients.

If you have led at least 10 M&A integrations, send your resume to Please highlight and provide information about your experience on each your integrations.

Job Description of our M&A Integration Consultants:

  • Assist our clients in defining, planning, and implementing their integrations.
  • Set up the integration management office and brief all team members
  • Finalize charters for the IMO team and functional teams
  • Create comprehensive project plan and timeline for all integration activities
  • Identify and coordinate interdependencies between functional teams
  • Plan and manage weekly IMO team meetings and preparation requirements
  • Conduct ongoing comprehensive reviews of aggregate master integration plan to ensure coordination and consensus
  • Collect, prioritize, and resolve new issues, risks, and decision needs
  • Closely monitor the success of implementation with respect to quality, time, costs, and synergies
  • Work with key stakeholders to implement the target integration structure (including organizational structure, business processes, and systems).
  • Identify risks, and mitigation actions