One unfortunate reality of mergers and acquisitions is that good people sometimes leave…on both sides of the deal. Whether it’s a trickle or a flood, all managers on both sides need to pay attention. Joining forces is difficult enough, even without losing talent. So imagine how risky and problematic merging becomes without your best people to help.

This problem is compounded because your best talent often leaves first. The reason is simple…they have more opportunities. Headhunters are going to target them first and go after them aggressively. And even people who wouldn’t normally take a recruiter’s call tend to be more receptive during the uncertainty of integration. Mergers send everybody in both organizations a wake-up call.  

Smart managers are there re-recruiting their crucial resources before competitors capture their attention.

Some managers have never been trained to re-recruit. They simply lack the skills to be effective. Other managers tend to avoid conversations with key talent during periods of uncertainty because they are afraid of getting information they don’t want to hear. Still others fear that employees will ask for ...