Acquisition Integration Finance Checklist includes over 115 integration tasks categorized in areas such as NewCo Finance Organization, Reporting, Business Process and Systems Intergation, Integrating SOX, Treasury Org., Master Services Agreements, Cash Management, Risk Management, Contracts, Budget.  

Accounting Post-Merger Integration

Newco - Finance Organization

  • Schedule a work session with key stakeholders to assess functional redundancies and begin construct of attrition plan
  • Build roles/responsibility matrix
  • Construct a draft organization chart
  • Conduct follow up meeting with key stakeholders to review draft and gather edits
  • Schedule and conduct presentation meeting with decision making executives to present organization chart and gather further edits
  • Revise new org chart
  • Construct memo with HR to have an executive publish new org chart
  • Schedule a department meeting to introduce new org chart/ R&R for review
  • File new org chart into corporate archives and policy records


  • Schedule a meeting with key stakeholders to establish Day 1 reporting lines and an issue escalation process.
  • Begin to define future state of finance organization and establish a transition plan aligned with the process and systems migration plan
  • Establish interim process controls and possible Procure-to-Pay program
    Begin to identify procurement synergies from vendor consolidation increase volume and purchasing services SKU rationalization and policy alignment
  • Construct with IT a Sox 1-year integration plan
  • Integrate Target Co. Financials 
  • Adjust financials to Acquirer reporting methodology 
  • Complete purchase price allocation 
  • Review audits provided by auditors
  • Determine if any additional 3rd party audits are necessary
  • Construct schedules to feed into footnotes 
  • Complete Phase 1 Budgets 
  • Plan and update Segment Reporting
  • Construct Goodwill and Statement Changes reporting
  • Document all Phase 1 reporting activities into corporate archives.
  • Schedule a meeting with key stakeholders to discuss the structure of the P&L
  • Understanding the Depreciation schedules
  • Review the current close process and calendar
  • Understand accounting policies and revenue recognition
  • Gather and review any pending tax matters, audits, extensions, waiver of statutes of limitations, and any list of audit adjustments
  • Review all/any material tax opinions
  • Gather and identify that payroll, withholding, sales, use, franchise, and real personal property taxes are paid o Review SEC Reporting
  • Construct a risks analysis of financial reviews
  • Schedule a meeting with key financial stakeholders to review findings, changes and updates to reporting
  • Document Newco reporting into corporate archives...

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