M&A Integration

Many M&A deliverables developed on our consulting projects can be downloaded from MergerIntegration.com. These powerful documents can save both new and serial acquirers countless hours they might otherwise have spent (on their own) developing and/or improving M&A integration methodologies, tools, presentations, integration playbooks, checklists, and reports.

When it comes to acquisition integration, PRITCHETT, LP's credentials are unmatched. We have:

  •   Consulted on M&A integrations for deals valued in total in excess of $350 billion
  •   Specialized in M&A integration consulting for 30+ years, longer than any other consulting firm
  •   Trained over 30,000 managers in merger integration, far more than other firm
  •   Developed the #1 online resource for M&A integration best practices, www.MergerIntegration.com
  •   Sold more books on M&A integration than all other firms combined:
making mergers work
after the merger book
smart moves book
mergers growth in the fast lane book
employee guide to mergers and acquisition

PRITCHETT is the firm that originally established M&A integration consulting as a specialized practice area. We wrote the first hardcover book on the topic, After the Merger: Managing the Shockwaves. We also authored the all-time M&A bestseller, The Employee Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions, plus many other merger-specific books and countless papers and articles. Our consultants also developed the Merger Integration Certification Workshop and have taught more than 30,000 managers how to run fast, value-focused integrations.

We're true specialists. Not general practitioners that dabble in M&A integration. Organizations come to us because of our focus and deep expertise.