Mission Statement


Phase 1: Americas

Phase 2: EMEA

Mission Statement

We will plan and execute the integration of the finance functions of our companies. We will complete the integration quickly and in a manner that supports the needs of the other Integration Teams and upper management of the combined organization.

We will also be responsible for:

  • Assimilation of the EVA philosophy into the Acquired Co. organization
  • Tracking of synergies (cost and EVA) for all Integration Teams


  • Payroll and benefits are centralized in the US
  • Acquired Co will adopt the Acquirer health insurance program
  • Business planning will be the Acquirer process
  • Hyperion will be the financial reporting system used
  • Treasury will be centralized
  • Risk management will be centralized
  • Peoplesoft will be implemented at Acquired Co within 12 months
  • Performance management & succession planning processes will be centralized
  • Fiscal year is December 31

Phase 1 Integration in Americas: General Overview

  • Purpose - Establish a finance organization that meets its service needs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.
  • Objective - Adopt best practice processes of both companies and implement action plans to adopt those processes and gain expected synergies.
  • Value Drivers - Streamline activities, centralize functions, and eliminate redundancies.
  • Main Synergies - Reduced headcount and elimination of duplicate outside services.
  • Main Costs - Severance...

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