Post-Merger Integration Checklists for the Back Office

Excerpt from IT Checklist

Software / Applications

Obtain list of software contracts / licenses owned (enterprise licenses as well as departmental / individual licenses)

Update vendor contracts / licenses for software

 - Develop list license information (duration, costs, terms, items included, etc.)

-  Review list for consolidation opportunities

Identify software / application requirements to align between organizations (e.g., financial, CRM, ERP, Email, etc.)

-  Develop migration plan for alignment

Identify any software currently in development or planned

 - Determine status of development activities (progress, % complete, money committed, remaining activities, etc.)

-  Develop recommendations for existing development activities (continue, end, adjust)

IT Operations

Is there a Help Desk and if so, what level of support is provided?

- Are outside resources utilized to support Help Desk issues / requirements?

- What outside resources are utilized to support help desk issues / requirements - if applicable

Obtain annual IT budget (Cap Ex and operational)

Review past 3 year's budgets for results (planned vs. actuals)

Define process for capturing / tracking monthly and annual budgets

Define process for budget development and approvals

Obtain contractor / supplier lists

- What products / services do they provide?

- How are contractor / supplier agreements tracked and managed?

Identify IT key operating processes

- Identify IT process areas to align

- How are changes (network / software) evaluated and managed?

- Is there a formal Change Management process in place?

- Identify Change Management activities required for alignment between organizations

- Develop and initiate required plans to manage network / software changes

Identify best practices to share between companies...

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