7-Page Finance Plan from a Cross-Border Merger.


Finalize and communicate organizational structure
Coordinate closing process for August 2024
Establish initial treasury linkage to Acquirer

  • Weekly cash forecast process established
  • Weekly conference call re: cash position set up
  • Presentation by NT on capabilities to replace lock box

Develop Tax Efficient Global Reorganization of Acquirer

  • Develop preliminary schematics illustrating proposed reorganization
  • Present preliminary schematic plan proposal to upper management
  • Discuss preliminary schematic plan proposal with Acquiree/Acquiree
  • Revise preliminary plan based on concerns/recommendations
  • Prepare preliminary technical memorandum detailing reorganization
  • Review bank documents to determine if reorganization requires
  • Present reorganization to lending group for approval
  • Develop reorganization work plan detailing actions necessary
  • Complete reorganization steps are detailed in work plan
  • Finalize technical tax memorandum ...