Step 5: Develop Post Merger Integration Risk Management Plan

Growth through M&A is a high stakes game. The element of risk adds to the drama, excitement, and overall appeal of the merger game. But as always, where there is much to be gained, there is precipitous downside risk as well. Developing a post-merger integration risk management plan is time well-spent.

Ten of the most common M&A integration risks are:

  1. Vague integration objectives
  2. Weak employee communication
  3. Lack of adherence to an effective M&A integration methodology
  4. Poor prioritization
  5. Slow decision making
  6. Loss of momentum
  7. Late planning
  8. Bad synergy program management
  9. Unclear governance
  10. Mis-management of cultural differences

It is difficult to be over-prepared for an integration. You should plan ahead and anticipate potential problems. In this section, we provide 1) articles, presentations, and videos that reveal M&A integration risks and 2) checklists and tools to help you mitigate and track them.  We also recommend you check out our answers to frequently asked questions about post-merger integration risks.