Summary of Results
Interpreting the Percentages
Key Drivers of Engagement
Ares of Strength
Improvement Opportunity
Improvement Needed
Next Steps
What Additional Remarks or Suggestions Do You Have

Summary Of Results

Top 3 - Most Favorable

Overall, how satisfied are you with becoming part of the Acquirer’s organization?

I feel safe to speak my mind about how things can be improved.

I feel positive overall about the future with the Acquirer.

Bottom 3 - Most Unfavorable

Other departments at Acquirer collaborate well with us.

I am included in decisions that affect my work

I feel adequately informed abut what to expect during the integration process

Take Aways


  • Senior Leadership is well informed but the extended team may not be
  • Opportunity to increase cadence of integration updates
  • Acquirer's goals and direction may still be unclear
  • Not a clear link between individual goals & Acquirer’ goals

Workload Balance

  • Some struggle between integration activities & “day job”
  • Feeling of “business as usual” for the extended team – no change


  • Need an increase in effort to include stakeholders in decisions ...

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