The Human Resources Post-Merger Integration Project Plan covers organization planning, policies, benefits, communication, compensation, and HRIS systems.

Excerpt from HR Project Plan 

Initiative / Task Name
Establish HR workstream leader
Select HR workstream participants
Recruit core team
Establish HR workstream meeting schedules
Cadence and frequency
Develop HR workstream detailed plan
Establish HR workstream reporting (task / milestone status)
Updates to HR workstream plans / dashboard
HR Communication Plan: Communication Matrix
Align with IMO Com plan
Core Messages, Target Audiences, Timing, Delivery Medium(s), FAQs, RACI Matrix
Communication with key HR suppliers / contractors
Insurance benefit administrators, payroll administrators, PMOs, etc.
Benefits conversion information
Health plans, 401K, etc.
Define acquired company org. structure
Identify formal and informal org. relationships
Determine organization similarities / differences
Gather information on relevant positions
Map acquired company roles to acquiring company roles
Identify organization differences to address
Position titles, areas of overlap, etc.
Align positions & titles
Review / Align job descriptions
Establish new organization structure ...