The Team Charter

Each integration team will create a charter to document the mission, goals, and deliverables for that team. 

The Integration Team Leader's Role

  1. The integration team leader facilitates the charter discussions.
  2. When decisions about the team charter are made, the integration team leader can document them using the Integration Team Charter template on page 5 of this document.

During the Team Charter Discussions

Determine the team's mission.

  • Describe the objectives of the team.

Identify team goals, deliverables, and due dates.

  • Refer to high-level objectives provided by the Executive Team, Steering Committee and Integration Team Leader.
  • Outline the team's goals and major deliverables.

Establish success measures.

  • How will the team define success? How will it measure its effectiveness?

Determine reporting and communication responsibilities.

  • Who is this team accountable to?
  • How often will the team communicate with this person/team?

Identify resource needs and availability.

  • From what person or group will your team need information or decisions, and to whom will the team need to provide information ...