Day 1 Communication Objectives


  • Leverage Close to generate news and influence positive perceptions of NewCo
  • Position new entity as combining the strengths of both companies to create a world-class leadership team
  • Solidify positioning of NewCo and senior management as global financial industry leaders 
  • Promote customer benefits
  • Educate relevant constituents on timing and progress of integration
  • Minimize potential negative publicity regarding job impacts
  • Promote the long-term growth story and drivers of shareholder value


  • Mark the completion of the transaction as an opportunity to honor the past and recognize the contributions of the employees of both organizations
  • Promote the strengths and benefits of the new company, its brand and growth strategy to promote employee attachment to NewCo
  • Manage uncertainty by communicating decisions regarding job status and other changes as quickly as possible; demonstrate respect for those impacted
  • Influence forward focus to maximize productivity quickly and shift focus from deal to integration
  • Provide clarity wherever possible

Employee Communications

On Day 1, employees will know:

  • Who they report to
  • Their title
  • That we expect to have final job status announcements Day 1 + X
  • That we don’t expect to move anyone in the next 30 days
  • What processes, programs, and benefits change for them
  • What stays the same ...

Employee Impact Overview

What will NOT Change

  • Job status
  • Job location
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Business Cards
  • Building Access
  • Work week for time tracking

What will Change ...

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