Videos: A Q&A on M&A

The Who, What, When, How, and Why of Merger Integration

The 31 videos are organized under the steps of the world-class M&A integration methodology taught in PRITCHETT's Merger Integration Certification Workshop

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Step 1: Establish M&A Integration Guiding Principles

Step 2: Define M&A Integration Strategy and Governance

Step 3: Provide M&A Integration Training

Mirroring leadership moment
Mirroring: Your First Leadership Moment
Length: 1 minute 26 seconds video icon

Step 4: Create M&A Integration Charters

Step 5: Develop M&A Integration Risk Mitigation Strategies

Step 6: Develop M&A Culture Integration Plans

Step 7: Develop M&A Integration Communication Plans

Setup rolling FAQs

Why Set up Rolling FAQs?
Length: 39 seconds video icon

Step 8: Develop M&A Staffing and Retention Plans

Step 9: Develop M&A Project Integration Plans

Step 10: Execute Detailed M&A Integration Plans (Incl. Day 1 Plans)

Example of good IMO Schedule

What Is an Example of a Good IMO Schedule?
Length: 2 minutes 31 seconds video icon

IMO Synergy tracking

How Should an IMO Support Synergy Tracking?
Length: 1 minute 16 seconds video icon

Step 11: Capture M&A Integration Lessons Learned