The Core Message Document is a set of bullet points and short paragraphs that serves as content for various announcement communications. The following is an example:

General Information

  • THE COMPANY, Inc. and COMPANY B have agreed to merge. The deal, contingent upon regulatory approvals, is expected to close by June 1. At the time of closing, shares of THE COMPANY stock (NASDAQ: XXXX) will be exchanged for equity in COMPANY B.
  • THE COMPANY started in 2018 as a technology firm focused on delivering business services. We at THE COMPANY have accomplished our aggressive growth goals by providing a wide range of client services.
  • This is not a merger whose success depends on cost cutting – it is instead dependent on our ability to grow the combined company together. 
  • This deal will allow us to grow and expand our service offerings in North America and position the company in the Top 10 Managed Service Providers with a clear goal to be in the Top 5 by 2028.
  • An integration team, consisting of representatives from COMPANY B and THE COMPANY, will be responsible for developing an integration plan that fully captures the opportunities created by the merger...