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Feedback on Merger: Interview Guide

The objectives of this five-page guide are to

  • Collect and summarize information to guide the integration effort
  • Provide a channel for feedback
Culture Context Questionnaire

A systematic search for strengths, weaknesses, and culture wild cards

How to Conduct the Operating Style Analysis plus the Operating Style Analysis Word Template

The 3 page document discusses how the Integration Team should conduct the Operating Style Analysis in order to understand the similarities and differences between the two companies.

The 2-page Operating Style Analysis Word template follows the instructions.

Merger Integration Risk Analysis

A penetrating look at key pressure points that can threaten the integration process.

Operating Style Analysis (Part I)

An inquiry into the day-to-day operating fundamentals that reflect the cultural basics of how the business is run.

Operating Style Analysis (Part II)

A survey focused on cultural traits often determined to be mission-critical.

Four Levels of Change Survey

An assessment of how an organization’s culture influences its ability to function as an adaptive system.

Context Questionnaire

A systematic search for strengths, weaknesses, and wild cards

Culture Mapping Exercise

3-page assessment that calculates the degree of cultural differences in key areas

Culture Context Questionnaire

17 questions about the current situation, company identity, perceived culture of both companies, and the expected changes as a result of the merger. This 14-page document includes actual responses that run the gamut from expected answers to unexpected responses which need to be addressed.

Talent Assessment of Senior Vice President

Results from Assessment of SVP (name of executive and details have been changed).

Talent Assessment of Chief Operating Officer

Results from Assessment of COO (name of executive and details have been changed).