M&A Integration Assessments

PRITCHETT's Merger Integration Certification Workshop attendees and Paid Website Subscribers can access all the assessments. They can also download all the playbooks, books, articles, checklists, case studies, presentations, webinars, research, videos, tools, and templates on MergerIntegration.com.

Merger Integration Risk Analysis
Merger Integration Risk Analysis

A penetrating look at key pressure points that can threaten the integration process.

Merger IQ Test
What's Your Merger IQ?

Learn what you really know about merger management. Take our Merger IQ exam. The answers to the test are based on PRITCHETT's three decades of acquisition integration experience. 

Here's the first of the 16 True/False questions on the test:

Moving quickly during merger integration is reckless. It is a critical situation ... there's too much at stake not to take the time to "do it right the first time."

True or False? 

Take the test to see the answer. Several of the test's answers will surprise you! 

Conduct M&A Operating Style Analysis
How to Conduct the Operating Style Analysis plus the Operating Style Analysis Word Template

The 3 page document discusses how the Integration Team should conduct the Operating Style Analysis in order to understand the similarities and differences between the two companies.

The 2-page Operating Style Analysis Word template follows the instructions.

Culture Context Questionnaire
Culture Context Questionnaire

A systematic search for strengths, weaknesses, and culture wild cards

Interview Guide to Gather Feedback on Merger
Feedback on Merger: Interview Guide

The objectives of this five-page guide are to

  • Collect and summarize information to guide the integration effort
  • Provide a channel for feedback