Excerpt from First of Four Human Resources Charters:

PreClose/Planning Objectives

  • Ensure individuals identified for Retention; support creation of  Offer Letters; and readiness for Onboarding employees
  • Ensure plans developed to ensure readiness for Close / Day 1
  • International employee contracts are managed/ready for NewCo
  • Retention plan in place for all Acquired Co. employees who will not be long term employees of Acquirer
  • Recruiting plan to address new roles needed and backfills for Acquired Co. business
  • Work with Communications/Experience team to ensure that communications are ready for pre-close/Day 1/etc.
  • Employee data obtained from Acquired Co. and ready to be loaded into Workday
  • Employees are mapped and leveled into Acquirers job and compensation structures
  • Define training plan (including requirements from other functions) for Day 1 and beyond
  • Ready to enroll US Acquired Co. employees onto Acquirer’s health and welfare benefit plans with no gaps, grandfathered OOP/deductibles/copays for 2018, plan for international
  • Readiness for Acquirer 401(k) enrollment/rollover following shut down of Acquired Co. plan
  • Pre-close communication to US HR re: payroll schedule changes, impact of FICA reset
  • Plan to digitize Acquired Co. employee files

Day One Objectives

Employee Onboarding/New Hire Orientation Day

  • Data loaded into HRIS system
  • Employees badged
  • HRIS data feed to Paylocity and ready for first pay cycle
  • Mandatory trainings (Day 1/Week 1)
  • Benefits enrollment
  • 401(k) enrollment

Key Dependencies (Identify functional team)

  • Employee Onboarding (IT, Finance, Legal, HR)
  • Employee Communications (Marketing)
  • Badging 
  • Applications / Systems Access (HRIS, Corporate IT)
  • Employment matters: US/non-US (Legal)

Out of Scope / Deferred Past 180+ Days

  • Organizational re-design; will review Acquirer 2025
  • Payroll (included in Finance)
  • Communications and Employee Experience (separate cross-functional team)
  • New performance management process/system (in flight as a corporate project, will roll out Q1)

Risks / Mitigation Plan

  • Retention of Acquired Co. GM. / Mitigation: Determine long term operational plan
  • Potential for only short term retention of critical staff / Mitigation: Come up with knowledge transfer program and accelerate recruiting efforts to backfill areas and allow time to bring new team members up to speed
  • Potential that Non-US benefits are below market offering  / Mitigation: Conduct market study to assess gaps and determine go forward plan outside the US
  • Acquired Co PEO management of 401(k) plan termination communications / Mitigation: TBD ...


  • Seamless Payroll Transition
  • Communication
  • Employment & Org. Structure
  • Systems
  • Total Rewards & HR Operations
  • Employee Experience
  • HR Program Implementation

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