Evident in the day-by-day attitudes, behaviors, and actions of people throughout the organization.

Cultures are negotiable. YOU create your culture.

It’s Reciprocal. We shape our organization’s culture. Our organization’s culture shapes us.

If we don’t do a good job of managing our culture, the culture will do a poor job of managing us.

Hard Facts About Culture

  • A culture’s first priority is to sustain itself.
  • And it’s good at that! . . . It’s buried deep within culture’s DNA.
  • Culture will fight change.
  • Culture will counterattack. That’s a good sign! Progress is being made!
  • Changing culture is complicated.
  • Strategy is a product of your view of the future.
  • Culture is essentially the product of your history
  • That will always present a challenge in ensuring that the corporate culture is aligned with and supports your plans for tomorrow.
  • VERY FEW culture characteristics wield a make-or-break influence over operating results and an organization’s future.
  • Remember, whenever you do a cultural assessment, you create an expectation with employees that something will be done with the data!
  • When people talk about M&A efforts that go bad, more than anything else they blame culture.
  • 60% of organizations do not conduct any formal program specifically designed to facilitate culture integration or culture change when acquiring other firms.
  • 21% of organizations do; 18% sometimes do
  • Too often dealmakers focus on a few cultural similarities as proof of compatibility, failing to identify and then reconcile crucial differences that will wreck their chances for merger success.
  • Culture is deep rooted and hard to change
  • Very few culture characteristics (about 5%) wield a make-or-break influence over operating results and an organization’s future
  • Forget about building a “common” corporate culture
  • Align under mission-critical culture traits, a few shared values, a couple of operating principles common to all parts of the company, a small handful of company-wide standards...

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