Post Merger Integration

Day One Expectation Setting

  • Communicate ahead of time what people can expect to “work” on Day One and what will come later
  • Coordinate closely with other teams to accurately capture Day One objectives
  • Email
  • Intranet Access
  • Policies
  • Articulate what will “not” change
  • Pay & Benefits
  • Process for paying vendors
  • Process for submitting expenses
  • Setting the right expectations forms the basis of how people will measure Day One success

Day One Welcome Experience for Acquired Company

  • Welcome Packets
  • Message from CEO
  • Company Vision
  • Safety Overview (light touch)
  • Basic FAQs
  • New Company Infographic
  • Acquirer Swag
  • Checklist
  • What to expect in coming weeks
  • Email structure
  • IT Access
  • Stationery order
  • FAQ process
  • Pay & Benefits reminder
  • Site Essentials
  • Temporary Signage
  • How to order signs, decals, vision posters

Day One Leadership Presence

  • President & CEO
  • CEO will begin one-week road trip & close tour with video webcast employee forum from corporate
  • SC Leaders
  • CEO will be in New York
  • VPs hold conference calls with their teams
  • Functional leads hold conference calls with their teams

Other Leaders 

  • SC to communicate that site leaders should take time to acknowledge Day One with their local teams

Day One Communication to Acquirer Employees ...

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