Now that the acquisition is complete, we realize employees of both companies are eager to understand what changes may occur. While the answers to many of your questions aren’t yet known, we are committed to sharing what we can, as soon as we can. To that end, this update is aimed at anticipating some of your initial questions and providing our perspective about how we are approaching talent selection and hiring during the M&A integration.

1. Having the right people in the right jobs is critical to our success. At Acquirer, our goal is to employ the best talent for our team. We leverage a fair, transparent talent assessment process to employ the best people in all roles in our organization.

2. Our goal is to share the majority of organizational decisions within 90 days after Close. We recognize that uncertainty is challenging, and our commitment is to work as quickly as possible to create the organizational structures for each business unit and to identify the positions required to operate the business efficiently and effectively.

3. There will be job opportunities for both Acquired Co. and Acquirer employees as a result of the acquisition. To effectively manage the scale and breadth of the combined company, we will need to define roles, some that are new based on the needs of the combined organization, and we will look to employees of both companies to fill these roles.

4. Although the integration will bring some job eliminations and job changes, the majority of roles within the combined organization will not be impacted. It is important to understand, that the majority of employees will continue in their current role. However, a necessary part of any integration is defining the new organization and opportunities as well as eliminating duplicate roles. When this occurs, we will communicate with impacted employees regarding their specific options. We will not be asking employees to justify or interview for their current role if it has been designated to exist unchanged in the new organization.

5. Staffing is not a one-size-fits-all process. Organizational needs and available openings will vary by business and by function. The number of openings, position levels of openings, and approach to staffing key leadership positions may vary depending upon those differing needs and upon the talent and experience of interested applicants ...