Careers just aren't what they used to be, are they?

You join some outfit, and the next thing you know the part you work for gets pulled out and plugged into a completely different company.  You get no say in the deal.

Makes it tough to plan your job future because organizations won't sit still.  They're constantly reshaping themselves.  Today's business landscape keeps shifting as companies merge, restructure, reengineer, downsize, outsource, and divest.

As usual, people get caught in the middle.

Of course, sometimes it works out great.  On other occasions it causes a career relapse.  Almost always it's a gut-wrenching experience that puts you on the edge of your seat until you figure out just how you'll be affected.

We might as well get used to all this.  What you're witnessing here is a revolution.  A worldwide upheaval is underway.  The old organization model is coming apart.  And so is our familiar concept of careers.

So go to school on this.  The people who get with the program are the ones who'll come out ahead.  The folks who figure out how to win in the new scheme of things will have an edge on everybody else ...