Project Objectives

  • Integration Assessment Project Objectives:

    • Gain insights into Acquirer executive’s experience with respect to past and current integration practices and results to date
    • Incorporate the perspective of acquired company personnel
    • Use the assessment learnings to inform the development of an integration approach that is grounded in the needs and requirements of the business units and improves our competency in this critical area
  • Interview Approach: Discussion focus areas for each participant

    • Drawing on previous integration experience: What has gone well and why? Where have you had challenges?
    • What adverse impacts did you experience, if any, and what would you recommend we do differently next time?
    • What integration support do we need to create to make this a core competency?
    • Focusing on the areas of synergy program management, communication planning, culture & talent assessment, and org design: what are some learnings we can draw from to help us create a more scalable and consistent approach to address these areas when required?

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