Post Merger Integration Checklist covers over 110 integration tasks in the areas of synergy tracking, chart of accounts, cash management, accounting policy variances, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

Excerpt from the Excel checklist:

Cash Management

Examine whether cash on hand has historically met seasonal needs of the Target
Cash requirements - any potential excess cash above regulatory requirements and/or marketing/operating considerations
Identify number and type of new accounts that need to be opened at Firm A's banks
    -  Assess the number of new accounts that need to be opened
    -  Determine type of accounts to open
    -  Determine which accounts Firm B can write checks on
    -  Identify who should have signing authority on new accounts
    -  Contact bank personnel that will assist in opening new accounts
Identify and assess nature of outstanding commitments that do not show up as liabilities on the balance sheet
    -  Develop a comprehensive list of outstanding commitments
        *  Property purchases
        *  Project expansions
        *  Operating lease obligations
        *  Off-balance sheet transactions
    -  Assess dollar amount associated with each commitment
    -  Determine if plans need to be made to prepare for future
       financial commitments
Determine if Firm B has excess cash and if so, develop a plan for the excess cash
    -  Plan for the integration of the Firm B's cash into Firm A's centralized cash account
Determine how Firm B's short-term and long-term investments will be handled
    -  Develop a plan for disposing of investments, if required
Work with compliance to ensure proper reporting of investment reports
Open new bank accounts and close pre-transaction bank accounts
    -  Communicate account status with individuals who have signing authority
    -  Transfer bank accounts, wire transfers, banking agreements  and other account signatories, as necessary
    -  Determine who will be authorized for wire transfers, account signatories, etc.
Consolidate treasury, banking and investments under Firm A control
Determine whether consolidation will result in any reduction in workforce
    -  Coordinate any reduction in workforce with organization Design and Staffing Team
Fully consolidate treasury functions
    -  Contact bank personnel that will assist in opening new accounts

Download file to see complete checklist.

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