Post-Merger Integration Audit

A Post-Merger Integration Audit accomplishes several things:

  • Answers key questions about the last merger or acquisition: (a) How were the events, decisions, communications, and actions surrounding the merger handled?
    (b) What could have been done differently to make the integration easier?
    (c) What additional actions remain unfinished?
    (d) How have shareholders, customers, and employees perceived the merger?
    (e) If the company were to merge/acquire again, what should be done differently?
  • Provides renewed focus on integration issues that may be lingering
  • Identifies lessons learned that have yet to be uncovered


  • Determine the depth of review required
  • Interview or conduct written surveys with executives, managers, employees, and if appropriate, customers and board members
  • Combine the qualitative and quantitative data to provide feedback and recommendations . . .