The Playbook defines the role and priorities of Integration Managers and provides tools to help them execute their responsibilities.

The Integration Manager is primarily responsible for leading the Integration Management Office (IMO) and coordinating the activities of the integration. This person should be employed by the acquiring company and appointed at least two months prior to close.

Responsibilities of IMO (and Integration Manager)

  • Set Up Governance: Form teams and set up hierarchy for the integration project.
  • Oversee Development of Team Charters: Establish the integration scope for each team.
  • Achieve “Early Wins”: Design successes early in the integration process to create positive momentum.
  • Develop Communication Strategy: Determine the communications that must be sent on a regular basis to keep people informed
  • Retain Key People: Ensure critical personnel are retained during the integration.
  • Address Employee Questions: Reduce the uncertainty that distracts employees and lowers their productivity.
  • Determine Metrics and Track Progress: Set goals, implement measures, provide feedback, and distribute rewards that are appropriate for the integration project and individuals .
  • Educate Teams on Integration Phases and Steps: Provide teams a common frame of reference.