Post-Merger Integration Presentations

M&A Presentations

This section provides over 120 post-merger integration presentations developed by our consultants on more than 100 M&A integration and divestiture projects. The presentations are organized under the steps of PRITCHETT's world-class acquisition integration methodology.

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Step 1: Define M&A Integration Strategy and Guiding Principles

Step 2: Define M&A Integration Governance

Step 3: Conduct Joint Integration Management Office (IMO) Meeting

Step 4: Provide Post Merger Integration Training

Step 5: Develop Post Merger Integration Risk Mitigation Plan

Step 6: Develop Post Merger Integration Culture Plans

Step 7: Develop Post Merger Integration Communication Plans

Step 8: Develop Post Merger Staffing and Retention Plans

Step 9: Develop M&A Project Integration Plans

Step 10: Execute Acquisition Integration Plans (Includes Day 1 Plans)

Step 11: Capture M&A Integration Lessons Learned